Tennis and Basketball Court

The tennis court built by Le Korsa in 2019 is the first in the region. The nearest court to it, in any direction, is over four hundred kilometers away.

Some people have questioned why, in a region where the needs for health care and the rudiments of life are so urgent, we have built a tennis court. It is simply a matter of giving people pleasure.

Sure, maybe the chance to play tennis will give an athletic child a chance to excel and to find her or his way to a new life as a tennis professional. This has happened before: that talent at sports becomes the means for personal transformation.

But our main purpose in building a court, and in giving tennis instruction, is to provide people in Sinthian and the region with a new form of everyday pleasure. Many of the people reading about Le Korsa have grown up in a world where access to tennis is a given; we can go to a local park and play.

For some of us, the sensation of hitting a ball squarely on the strings of the racket and sending it flying across the net is one of life’s fundamental joys. Le Korsa believes that this level of experience should be available not only to individuals born to what is essentially a world of pleasure, but to our community in eastern Senegal. The court is available not just to the young and robust, but to people of every age, and to the physically handicapped, and we are putting in place a program so that everyone who gives a go at the sport here will have an idea of how to do so, in order to have the simple thrill of this wonderful game, at whatever level of skill.