Saint Anne’s in Thiès

Saint Anne’s is a splendid school, set in a garden that feels like an oasis in the city of Thiès, an hour and a half north of Dakar by car. Run by les Soeurs de Saint Joseph de Cluny, it maintains the highest educational standards, and is remarkable for having a student body which is part Muslim, part Christian. The sisters and their male colleagues teach girls and boys from ages six to fifteen, enabling almost all of the students to acquire a level of learning from which they can progress to lycées, and, ideally, universities.

Saint Anne’s also runs a walk-in clinic that provides prenatal and infant healthcare, treating without charge those patients who lack the means to pay.

In this city which serves as the transport junction between Dakar, St. Louis, and Bamako — a hybrid of dirt and pavement where wooden carts are parked next to pickup trucks and people live in dire poverty next to air-conditioned luxury hotels — Le Korsa’s scholarship program at Saint Anne’s is essential to the school’s continuing to serve students of different economic backgrounds.

We give funds directly to the school, enabling the faculty to give as many worthy students as possible a chance to study there, whether they require full tuition coverage or the difference between what their families can afford and the small amount normally charged. We receive regular reports on the progress of each student we assist, and have succeeded in a modest program which enables American and French families to support individuals throughout their years at the school.

Each year, Le Korsa considers larger scale projects requested by the sisters. In 2014 we provided a $10,000 grant to fix a leaking roof, repaint some of the classrooms, and install mosquito netting so that teachers can open the windows and allow fresh air to enter without a barrage of insects. As usual, we are involved with each and every detail of construction and the acquisition of materials, assuring that the funds are used precisely as intended and that local materials and labor are used whenever possible; this is Le Korsa’s policy in all of its endeavors.

At the clinic, Le Korsa provides nutritional milk powder to combat childhood malnutrition and gives a subsidy to Saint Anne’s to help patients who cannot afford medication or need to be transported to larger medical facilities.