Sinthian Medical Center

The Sinthian Medical Center is a small clinic located in the rural village of Sinthian in Tambacounda, the eastern region of Senegal. Run by Dr. Magueye Ba, the clinic is the only one in the surrounding area and acts as a medical cooperative, where everyone who attends the clinic pays a small amount per month and in return receives any medical care needed. The clinic serves approximately 40 to 50 patients a day.

Le Korsa gives the Sinthian Center $5000 twice annually, to cover the cost of prescription medicine in the pharmacy and the expenses of patients without the means to make the monthly payment. We have helped subsidize an operating block, a maternal health ward, a fully stocked pharmacy, and an on-site laboratory equipped to screen for malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. That said, many people reading these words about the facilities probably picture something far more grand than the pharmacy which is about 50 square feet and simply has a few shelves of medicine, or the “operating block” which is essentially a small room with a surgical table and some other equipment.

In addition, we work with Dr. Ba on emergency issues as they arise. For example, in 2014, we organized the distribution of nearly a thousand Ebola prevention kits in the village. We have also helped arrange for cataract surgeries, insulin distribution, and physical therapy treatments. Through our partnership with Project C.U.R.E., Le Korsa has helped the Sinthian Center receive all the materials and equipment it needed, including two exam tables, oxygen masks and sterile drapes.