Sinthian Kindergarten

With the generous help of the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation in London and gifts made in memory of Le Korsa supporter Nicholas Ohly, we funded the construction of this four-building school with two indoor classrooms, which opened in 2010. In the years since the school was completed, enrollment has reached over 100 students. The students are the first generation of Sinthian children to be taught reading, writing, and math at a young age, allowing them to get an advance on learning French and basic skills that will be necessary at the primary school level.

Unlike local homes, the school has running water, so children are able to wash their hands effectively.

Le Korsa has expanded and improved the facilities since the school opened. With the help of the United Nation’s World Food Program, we funded the creation of an onsite kitchen to feed the children during the day. Most recently, Le Korsa funded the construction of housing for the five teachers at the school, all of whom have come to Sinthian from a considerable distance. Le Korsa pays the teachers’ monthly salaries and that of a groundskeeper at the school, and covers the cost of maintenance and repairs.