Sharing the Realities of Clandestine Migration

Over the last ten years an enormous number of African men and women have attempted migration to Europe in search of a better life. Too often, as the news constantly reminds us, that better life is not to be found: the journey from West Africa to Libya is often fatal; those who do make it to the coast may not make it across the Mediterranean; and the well-paying job in Europe never materializes for those without a legal right to be there.

This reality, as Le Korsa has learned, is misunderstood by so many in Senegal, and most often by the very young men and women who would risk their lives as migrants. Le Korsa is acting to change that. We have launched a series of film screenings and discussions throughout the Tambacounda region that educate potential migrants and their families about the hazards of the journey. Arranged and coordinated by our staff, the screenings unite mothers, daughters, sons, teachers, artists, local leaders and so many more to see true accounts of migrants, and to discuss how the resources devoted to migration—often substantial sums of money—might be better used to improve life in Tambacounda.

There are five films in total, all from the short documentary series “Senegal/Sicily,” created by Italian filmmakers Alberto Amoretti and Giovanni Hänninen. Alberto and Giovanni were artists-in-residence at Thread in 2016, and while in Sinthian, met Aisadou, the mother of a young migrant named Alpha, who had made it to Sicily after a harrowing journey during which he nearly lost his life. Alpha has found tentative work on a farm but lacks further options because he does not have the proper papers.

This story, versions of which are common, became the first film in the series, “Alpha/Aisadou.” After seeing it at a screening in Sinthian, one young man stood up and said, “I planned to sell my goats and leave for Europe, but now I plan to keep them and make a life here.” Le Korsa’s goal is to help young men and women, and the families who often give them resources to migrate, have a clearer picture of what’s at stake when attempting to reach Europe.

Screening locations:

Thread – Tambacounda
Foyer de Jeunes Filles – Tambacounda
International Women’s Day, Niani Wouli event – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Sinthian – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Kouar – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Nguen – Tambacounda
CEM Dialiko – Tambacounda
CEM Gouloumbou – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Saal – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Wassadou – Tambacounda
CEM Dialakoto – Tambacounda
Lycée Missirah – Tambacounda
Ecole Kokoum – Tambacounda
Ecole Noumouyel – Goudiry
CEM Goumbayel – Goudiry
CEM Sinthiou Malème – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Ndoga Babacar – Tambacounda
CEM Netteboulou – Tambacounda
Ecole élémentaire Boynguei – Goudiry
Lycée de Kothiary – Tambacounda
CEM de Bala – Goudiry
CEM Makacolibantang – Tambacounda
Lycée de Koumpentoum – Koumpentoum
CEM Méréto – Koumpentoum
CEM Payar – Koumpentoum
Mon Super Kilomètre, Dak’Art – Dakar
LA Nuit Blanche – Paris
CEM TSA – Tambacounda City
CEM Kinzabougou – Tambacounda City
CEM Afia – Tambacounda City
CEM Gouye – Tambacounda City