Fass Medical Center

The Fass Medical Center is a small clinic located near the Gambia River in an even more isolated region of rural Senegal than our other projects. In 2010, Dr. Ba spent around 1500 euros of his personal funds to build the center in order to provide care to the people of this area. He managed with that small amount of money to establish an effective facility, however small and under-equipped it was initially.

Until the construction of the medical center, modern treatments were entirely unavailable in Fass, and the sick and injured had to walk several kilometers and cross the river to receive any care. To drive from Fass to the regional hospital in Tambacounda takes at least four hours, and, even then, only if one has the luck to be transported by a horse cart or motorized vehicle that can manage on the treacherous roads.

When Nick Weber and his daughter Lucy first visited Fass, in November of 2010, they were immensely impressed with Dr. Ba’s achievement. At a community meeting, it became clear how much the local population valued the doctor’s work on their behalf, and how it had transformed their lives. To ensure the continuing and improved operation of the clinic, Le Korsa became a close partner, first by covering the clinic’s costs for electricity and running water. It struck us that a medical center should have, at the very least, hot water, and the capacity to operate equipment. Le Korsa also helped the clinic acquire decent hospital beds and heart monitors by paying for a shipment of used but adequate materials from France.

In addition to the basic clinic, Le Korsa funded the construction of a maternity center so that women having complications in childbirth would not have to make the arduous journey across the river.

In 2014, Le Korsa bought a vehicle, equipped as a modest ambulance, enabling people from the region surrounding Fass to get to the medical center, and also making it possible for the clinic’s physicians to visit isolated rural communities. The vehicle also makes it possible, if need arises, to take patients from the Fass clinic to the regional hospital in Tambacounda.

Currently, Le Korsa provides the clinic with a grant of $5000 twice annually, to help cover basic expenses. This includes kerosene for the generator, medicines for the pharmacy, and new medical equipment. Le Korsa partnered with Project C.U.R.E. to deliver a shipping container of supplies earlier this fall, which included wheelchairs and crutches, exam tables, and sterilizing kits.