Fass School

The school in Fass, which officially opened on February 2, 2019, is the first in its region to provide education other than the traditional Quranic instruction. Now, alongside the teaching of a Quranic master, there are classes for boys and girls in the French language and in all the traditional subjects of an elementary school curriculum. Eventually the curriculum will include practical skills such as carpentry, sewing, fishing, and cooking. Previously, none of the villagers has been able to read and write, either in the local language of Pulaar or in French; the new literacy will be life-changing. The region’s religious leaders have determined the program according to their desires with a full appreciation of the need of the local people to expand their horizons at the same time that they maintain the vital traditions of Islam.

Building a school in Fass has been a dream of Le Korsa’s, and of the village’s Imam, Thierno Sall, since 2012. That year, at the dedication ceremony of the Fass Medical Center’s maternity unit, which Le Korsa funded, Thierno Sall enthusiastically agreed to allow the construction of a school.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Magueye Ba, who has overseen logistics, and the generous support of Le Korsa donors Laurel Hixon and Michael Keane, we broke ground for the school in February 2017. Because of the Le Korsa network of Senegalese friends and staff on site, we are confident that this groundbreaking institution, and the children it serves, will flourish.