The trees of Thread
Jan 18, 2022

It’s phenomenal to see how much the trees have grown at Thread since 2015. This mango tree bore fruit this year, as have several others, including banana and papaya trees, providing the center with a nice crop of fruit, and some much-needed shade on the hottest days.

Thread’s gardens have always been an integral part of the artists’ residency and cultural center, as they provide a testing ground for crops and trees, as well as an important teaching space. Habib Dieye, Moussa Sene, Augustin Diouf and Cissé Kanté work there with the local women from Sinthian and neighboring villages on improving agricultural techniques, including bio-composting, food transformation, and pruning. The team also has its tree nursery at Thread, which has provided thousands of fruit tree seedlings to families in the surrounding villages.

Many families now have a fruit-bearing mango tree outside their homes thanks to those seedlings, and mangoes can bring a nice income in the markets. Le Korsa has also branched out into planting cashew trees throughout eighteen villages, where they will provide a new source of food and income, as well as a fire break against brush fires.

We hope you will join us in planting in more trees and continuing this important work!

Thank You!
Jan 10, 2022

So many of you, from longtime friends to a record number 69 people who donated to Le Korsa for the first time, supported Le Korsa in 2021. Thank you.

Each and every one of you has helped us to continue all of our work, from distributing pens and notebooks to students in rural villages to improving the farming skills of women and completing the redesigned pediatric and maternity wards at Tambacounda Hospital. We could not do it without you, and we are so grateful to have you with us as we launch another year.

Happy Holidays!
Dec 23, 2021

We send all of you our best wishes for the festive days to come and for 2022. Thanks for being a part of Le Korsa.

Tambacounda Hospital is among ICON’s ten best buildings of 2021
Dec 16, 2021

Completed earlier this year, Manuel Herz’s redesign of Tambacounda Hospital’s pediatric and maternity units is catching the eye of the architectural press. The project has received a number of honors already, including being listed as one of the year’s ten best buildings by ICON magazine; winning an award from the German prize, Materialpreis, for its innovations with bricks; and being a runner-up for the prestigious Zumtobel Group Award – Innovations for Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment.

Congratulations are due to Manuel Herz, contractor Magueye Ba, and all the staff and partners who helped create this magnificent building that will transform maternal and pediatric healthcare in Tambacounda.

Plans are underway to build new housing at the hospital for doctors, which will improve staff retention and quality of life. If you would like to help with this effort, we hope you will join us.

Thread featured in Diplomacy and Dialogue
Nov 30, 2021

Moussa Sene, Le Korsa’s program director in Tambacounda, also oversees day-to-day operations at Thread, the artists’ residency and cultural center in Sinthian.

With a role that encompasses arts and culture as well as agricultural and socioeconomic development, Moussa was a natural fit for Citizen Diplomacy’s International Visitor Leadership Program, which he completed several years ago.

Follow this link see a conversation between Moussa and Louis Massiah, Executive Director of Scribe Video Center, about the intersection of art and economic development.