Madame Khady Guèye

Director of Social Services at Tambacounda Regional Hospital


Because of the location of the Tambacounda Hospital in a regional capital and a crossroads of transportation and trade, the hospital receives patients from all over this part of western Senegal as well as from across the Malian border. These patients arrive at the hospital with limited financial means and sometimes even a limited ability to communicate in the local language. Here they find Madame Khady Guèye, Director of Social Services and champion of patient access to care. She works tirelessly with the hospital’s staff, the local pharmacy, and NGOs in the area to ensure that people are not turned away due to inability to pay.

Often, these people in need, particularly the children, have become a part of Madame Guèye’s life and she fights to care for them long after they have been treated. She works with local schools to find a place for students and helps them settle into Tambacounda when possible. Her dedication to her job and her community is remarkable.

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