Dr. Magueye Ba

Projects: Sinthian Medical Center, Sinthian Kindergarten, Thread, Fass Medical Center, Fass Kindergarten


Trained at the University of Dakar, Dr. Magueye Ba could have chosen to lead a very cushy life in the capital city. Instead, he moved to a rural area of the Tambacounda region of Senegal. From there, he has overseen the construction of medical centers in the village of Sinthian (where he lives most of the time), a maternity center for the highly isolated village of Fass, as well as a second medical center in the village of Goumbayel. As the only acting doctor at these sites, he provides care to over 10,000 individuals, along with providing the invaluable service of being a trained doctor who is also a community leader. Two of the leading issues facing health care in this part of the world are the skepticism held by many members of rural communities towards western medicine, and the lack of access to professional care. Dr. Ba ameliorates both of these issues by acting as community leader and overseeing an insurance program for the people of Sinthian and its surrounding population.

In addition to supporting Dr. Ba’s medical work, Le Korsa has been able to erect a kindergarten and teachers’ residence, fund wells, and, in 2015, open a cultural center in the small rural village of Sinthian. It is through Dr. Ba’s guidance that we have been able to develop what we feel is a uniquely holistic and effective way of providing aid to specific communities. Participating in the areas of medicine, education, and cultural initiatives, Dr. Ba is using the support of Le Korsa to transform his otherwise isolated community into a center of progress and focus for the entire region of Tambacounda.