Dr. Alioune Badara Thiam

Neurosurgeon at Fann Hospital


Dr. Alioune Badara Thiam is a neurosurgeon working at Fann Hospital under Dr. Seydou Badiane. After studying at the University of Dakar, he decided to remain in Senegal and practice alongside his former professor. Dr. Thiam is a specialist in treating hydrocephalus, and has also been invited to participate in a training to earn certification in endoscopy procedures. With the financial support of Le Korsa, he traveled to France for the course. We purchased two pieces of equipment for the hospital so that upon his return, he could begin practicing these life-saving techniques for the first time in this part of Africa. In addition to being able to offer new and innovative care to patients at Fann, Dr. Thiam is now a professor at the hospital and trains medical students and other doctors from around Africa in the procedures.


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