Help Us Restore Another Foyer — For Boys
Nov 29, 2022

Each year the Foyer des Jeunes Filles is helping more and more young women from rural Tambacounda transform their lives. With the Foyer giving them a safe, supportive place to live while they complete their high school studies in the city, these girls go to college instead of to early marriage. They become nurses, journalists, accountants, agricultural engineers and pursue careers of their choosing. We want to help young men from rural villages do the same, and we’re asking for your help.

Our goal is to rehabilitate the Foyer des Garçons, a campus of classrooms and dormitories designed for young men, which was built in 2007 by French NGO Le Kinkeliba as the partner site to the Foyer des Jeunes Filles. The boys’ Foyer never became operational because of a lack of funding. Then in 2016, a fire jumped its wall and destroyed the campus.

It’s time to restore it.

On this Giving Tuesday, we’re asking you to join us in taking the first step towards rebuilding the Foyer des Garçons by planting an urban garden on the site. The garden will provide additional food for the Foyer des Jeunes Filles, which is 100 yards down the road, as well as jobs for young men who will oversee the gardening. We are seeking $10,000 dollars to clear the weeds, test the soil, dig a bore well, and begin planting the seeds of a new Foyer des Garçons. 

We hope you will join us in creating two Foyers, just steps apart, working in harmony to send hundreds of young men and women to college. 

It starts with you!