Thread featured in Sustainable Japan Magazine
Oct 26, 2021

It’s been over six years since Thread, the artists’ residency and cultural center designed by Toshiko Mori Architect, opened in Sinthian. With its sustainable materials and rainwater-recycling roof, the building, and the ideas that have flowed through it, thanks to the local community, visiting artists and Le Korsa’s dedicated staff, have been a catalyst for change in the region. That’s why the Japan Times’ Sustainable Japan Magazine featured Thread on its cover this week, and spoke in depth with Toshiko about how architecture has a role to play in making the world a better place.

One of Thread’s most lasting impacts has been in agriculture. By providing gardening space, a water source, and agricultural training from Le Korsa coordinator Habib Dieye, Thread has helped over a hundred women develop the farming skills to feed their families year-round while also earning income from selling surplus produce. These women quickly outgrew the Thread gardens where they started in 2015 and have expanded to other larger fields—several hectares in total. They are now producing a fortified flour, consisting of corn, millet, fonio, peanuts and other ingredients, which is used in local medical centers to help nourish underweight babies. They just received another order of 1000 kilograms, which will sell for $1700.00.

If you would like to continue supporting all the life-changing work emanating from Thread and Le Korsa, we hope you will make a donation. If now is not a good time, would you consider filling out a survey? We are always trying to learn more about how we can help our partners in Senegal.