A new medicinal garden at the Foyer
Oct 20, 2021

Herbal medicine is an important tradition in Senegalese culture. Certain elders in rural communities possess knowledge of local plants that are valued for their healing properties and therapeutic effects. 

To help the students at the Foyer learn more about these plants, Le Korsa, with the assistance of local agronomist Adama Sarr, recently planted a medicinal garden. The selected species were purchased from the local forestry service after being suggested by one of their chief gardeners, Mr. Touré. These included lemongrass, gamhar, moringa, and two types of acacia tree, all of which have medicinal value. 

The girls are already familiar with some  of these plants. To expand their knowledge, they are encouraged to learn more about other plants by talking to the elderly women in the community. The goal is to show the value of traditional knowledge, and provide another forum that might broaden the girls’ interest in different careers, such as becoming pharmacists or agronomists.

Adama, and two Foyer students, oversee the planting and maintenance of the garden. Mr. Touré also makes site visits to help explain more about the plants, and to demonstrate proper drying and storage techniques. Together, all are teaching the other girls, and the Foyer staff, to deepen their knowledge of botany and health.

If you would like to support the garden or the Foyer, please join us!