Gardens and Grains
Oct 13, 2021

Back in 2015, when Le Korsa began offering gardening training to the Sinthian women’s association, and dug them a bore-well for a year-round water supply, we knew that we were helping them lay the foundation for agricultural success. But we didn’t know just how far they, and our gardening programs, could come. Six years and several hectares later, we are working with women’s farming associations in Sinthian, Dialico, Fass, and Gadapara.

Over 200 women and their families are benefiting from these gardens, which provide a range of fresh produce throughout the year, from salad greens and eggplant to hot peppers and okra. Whatever they don’t consume is sold, and the proceeds go back into the communal fund of their respective associations.

That fund has allowed the women of Sinthian, for example, to build the capacity to produce an enriched flour consisting of millet, fonio, corn and peanuts. It is used in local medical centers to help nourish underweight children. The production and sale of the flour has allowed the women to increase their collective income, and to put more money not only towards tools and seeds, but towards the livelihood of their families, including education and medical costs.

Their success is a testament to the possibility of doing so much with so little. If you would like to help support our gardening programs, we hope you will make a donation.