Rain, Trees, Gardens
Aug 11, 2021

With the rainy season having arrived to the Tambacounda region, the women’s gardens in Sinthian, Dialico and Fass are flourishing. Cissé Kante, who helps oversee the agricultural efforts, said, “Bitter eggplant is well-along, and it’s the beginning of the season for okra and aubergine. The women are weeding and planting out the gardens, and aerating the soil.”

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to help these women extend the size of their gardens—the women in Fass are cultivating another hectare—and set up a new one in Sinthiourou. That one, located between Dialico and Sinthian, will allow the men and women of that village to cultivate vegetables much closer to home, without having to walk the three kilometers to Dialico, where they were previously gardening. By providing a bore-well, and ongoing instruction in agriculture from expert Habib Dieye, Le Korsa is helping this village solidify its access to food and a source of income.

Trees remain an essential part of these gardens. Throughout them, another 40 fruit trees have been planted, including mango, guava, lemon, pomegranate and cashew. They provide crucial shade and other sources of food and income; the fruit can be eaten out of hand as well as made into jams and preserves.

Because some of these gardens are now in their fifth year, the trees we planted back in 2015-2016 are yielding their first fruit—the women have been taking home plenty of mangoes this year, and know there will be more to come.

You make it all possible.