Improving the Operating Room at Tambacounda Hospital
Jun 02, 2021

In tandem with the redesign of Tambacounda Hospital’s maternity and pediatric units, Le Korsa has been continuing to help the hospital address other needs.

Earlier this year, the hospital director contacted us about an operating room that was in need of new equipment. Doctors were making do with insufficient overhead lights and a worn surgical table, but it was clear that both items needed to be replaced.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to help the hospital acquire new lights and a new table for this crucial operating room. The new equipment arrived to the hospital recently and is already in use.

Tambacounda Hospital serves about 40,000 patients annually, but lacks the resources of state-run hospitals in larger cities such as Dakar. It has been part of our mission, since coming to the Tambacounda region in 2005, to ameliorate the overall capacity of the hospital—large projects such as the redesign are essential, but so are these smaller gestures.

“Your donation will not only allow us to improve the care of our patients, but the working conditions of our doctors,” said Dr. Thérèse Aida-Ndiaye, the director of the hospital. “Thank you for the diligence with which you responded to our request; you’ve again demonstrated your long-term commitment to the health of the people of Tambacounda,” she added.

You make it all possible! If you would like to join us in sending more equipment to the hospital, learn about the ways you can help.