Dumpsites to Green Spaces
Apr 23, 2021

Le Korsa’s environmental programs have only grown in the last year, even with the challenges posed by the Covid 19 crisis. We have redoubled our efforts to work with local organizations and youth groups in Tambacounda to transform illegal dumping sites into green spaces and playgrounds.

A roadside area that was once trash-filled, and which Le Korsa had cleaned up last year, has been planted with peltophorum trees. They are known for the ability to thrive in an urban environment, but to do so they also need some tending to be established. Thankfully, because of your donations, we were able to hire a local bricklayer who is watering and caring for the trees.

At a former dumpsite near the train tracks in the Salikiené area, we worked with a welder to create a set of playground equipment that is now being used by children from all over the city. Because of this playground’s popularity, we are planning to install additional ones in other neighborhoods after identifying the best locations with the local council. A further idea is to create a soccer field on a larger dumpsite once it is cleared.

Your support makes all of it possible, so thank you.