Josef and Anni Albers and Le Korsa: Bringing Better Healthcare to Tambacounda
Mar 31, 2021

Josef and Anni Albers believed that everyone was entitled to healthcare, for to be in good health is to lead a good life. Through the redesigned maternity and pediatric units at Tambacounda Hospital, Le Korsa is helping to carry the values of Josef and Anni Albers to rural Senegal, where basic health services can be lacking. 
“The main issue for this hospital, and particularly for this region, is the state of maternal and infant health. There is a high rate of maternal and infant mortality,” said Dr. Thérèse-Aida Ndiaye, the hospital’s director.
These redesigned maternity and pediatric units, created by Manuel Herz in tandem with hospital staff, and built by local labor, will help to change that by providing a significant increase in capacity. Mothers, children, and the doctors and nurses who work with them will finally have the space they deserve.