A waiting area no longer waiting for improvement
Mar 30, 2021

While a new, two-story building is part of the redesign of Tambacounda Hospital, so is refurbishing the original pediatric ward. This existing building is circular and gives on to a central courtyard, which also serves as a waiting area.

In the past this area had been roofed over with corrugated tin, an improvised solution that trapped heat. Manuel Herz’s redesign called instead for a tall arched structure bookended by open bricks.

Installed last year while construction on the new building was ongoing, this revamped waiting area is far more comfortable for patients: air flows through it and heat escapes. Dr. Ba’s team was also able to build it without interrupting the busy daily life of this regional hospital, ensuring a continuity of care.

Because much of life in Tambacounda occurs outside, thanks to its warm climate, Herz’s redesign has also been sensitive to the landscaping of the area. It took into account the site’s existing trees, which provide shade and gathering places, and was built without removing them. Further landscaping, of local plants, will be incorporated as the project nears completion.