New building, new equipment
Mar 23, 2021

With Manuel Herz’s redesign adding approximately 300% more capacity to Tambacounda Hospital’s pediatric and maternity units, sourcing additional equipment to outfit the space has been essential.

Fortunately, Le Korsa’s longstanding partnership with Project C.U.R.E., an NGO that donates gently used medical equipment to hospitals and medical clinics, allowed us to acquire 100 new hospital beds for the hospital in late 2020. The construction team quickly checked that all the beds could fit through the corridors and doorways of the new wards, and as soon it was confirmed, we sent the beds. They arrived in January of this year, and some are already being put to use in the refurbished pediatric ward, while the majority are designated for the new building.

Le Korsa and Project C.U.R.E. have been in partnership since 2014. Over the last seven years, we have sent three shipping containers of medical supplies to Tambacounda Hospital, filled with basics such as gauze, gloves, surgical masks, as well as more specialized items such as cribs and incubators.

The director of Tambacounda Hospital, Dr. Thérèse-Aida Ndiaye, said, “This equipment is lifesaving for the people of this region and all who visit the hospital. We are proud to work with Le Korsa and Project C.U.R.E.”

Dr. Ndiaye has been with the hospital for previous container deliveries, and when we asked her if she would welcome more, she jumped at the opportunity. She secured a hard-to-obtain tax exemption, which allowed the goods to come into the country duty free. Without the exemption, the import fees would be over 50% of the value of the items, rendering the project impossible.

Le Korsa is now working with the hospital, and with Manuel Herz, to outfit the rest of the wards.