A garden grows again at Wassadou Medical Center
Feb 17, 2021

Located on the road to Kedougou, Wassadou Medical Center is one of the only health clinics in a relatively isolated area. Operated by French NGO Première Urgence with financial support from Le Korsa, it serves about 10,000 patients from surrounding villages each year, providing basic care and maternal health services.

Several years ago, Le Korsa helped the center’s staff dig a bore well and plant a garden, whose produce would both feed patients and be sold to supplement the clinic’s income. But because of staff changes, and a broken fence that allowed cattle to enter the space and destroy crops, the garden fell into disrepair.

But Le Korsa has now helped the center locate a new gardener, who lives on site, and helped to replant lemon trees, mango trees, okra, peppers and bitter eggplant.

“The lemon trees planted during the rainy season look great,” said Le Korsa program director Moussa Sene. “The chili pepper plants are progressing very well and okra will be planted very soon because the land for that is already prepared,” he added.

Le Korsa is also discussing providing the center with enriched flour, produced by the women’s collective in Sinthian, that is beneficial for infants and as a milk supplement. It is one of the many ways we are trying to forge a link between agricultural and health, and at Wassadou, we are glad to be strengthening it again.