Scholarships Lead to Scholars
Feb 03, 2021

While most of the schools that Le Korsa supports are located in the rural Tambacounda region where resources are scarce, we have also been a longstanding supporter of Saint-Anne’s school in Thiès, Senegal’s third largest city.

Run by the Soeurs de Saint Joseph de Cluny, an order of Catholic nuns, Saint-Anne’s is known for offering an excellent education, and to students of all faiths. The student body, aged six to fifteen, is in fact predominantly Muslim, which is not unusual in Senegal, where 97% of people practice Islam. Religious tolerance, and respect for other faiths, is a hallmark of Senegalese society, and Catholic schools such as Saint-Anne’s often have mixed student bodies.

Since 2009, Le Korsa has provided scholarships to a select number of Saint Anne’s students. Annual tuition for one of these students is about $180.00, which is a small investment in what often turns out to be a bright future — many of them go on to higher education.

One former scholarship student, Jean Baptise Bouré Diop, is now completing his doctorate in Classics in Lyon, and hopes to return to Senegal as a Classics professor. For his thesis, “Slaves and Freed Slaves in Roman Africa and Asia Minor from the 1st through the 3rd centuries AD,” Jean-Baptiste is compiling a taxonomy and detailed history of the slaves and freed men and women who inhabited the Roman region that now comprises Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. He is contrasting their experiences with the slaves of Roman Asia Minor, as well as closely tracking their names, to create a social record of how they lived and to better examine how the conditions and vestiges of slavery have passed into modern history.

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