A shipment of beds arrives to Tambacounda Hospital
Jan 22, 2021

During the 15 years Le Korsa has been working with Tambacounda Hospital, we have brought in four shipping containers of medical supplies to help outfit its many under-equipped wards. Now, a new shipment of beds from Project C.U.R.E., an NGO that donates gently used medical supplies, has arrived to the hospital. Le Korsa covered the cost of shipping and handled its transport.

(Join us if you would like to send supplies to Tambacounda Hospital!)

The 100 beds will furnish the new pediatric and maternity building, designed by Manuel Herz, when it opens later this year.

The ongoing lack of beds in both the pediatric and maternity wards was one of the reasons Le Korsa and the hospital administration began discussing a redesign of those sections.

Too often, patients and their children were turned away for lack of beds. As Dr. Magueye Ba at the rural Sinthian medical clinic explained, if he needed to send a patient to the hospital—the only one in a vast area—he would call ahead to see if they would have a bed. Otherwise, there was no point in sending one of his patients over 60km away for treatment.

Such lack of resources has been the reality of healthcare in rural Tambacounda; it’s why we have been so devoted to improving the situation. We are thrilled that the new building can accommodate approximately 150 beds and will increase capacity by 300%. It will also include space for family members to stay overnight.

When it opens this year, it will help to transform healthcare in Tambacounda, and bring doctors and patients the resources they deserve.