Give the Gift of Education
Dec 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

You have brought us close to giving the greatest gift we could imagine: education for 140 young women at the Foyer de Jeunes Filles in Tambacounda next year. We are just shy of raising the remaining $10,000 needed to fully operate the Foyer in 2021-2022, and we hope you will help us reach this crucial sum.

The Foyer is the best means of ensuring education for hundreds of young women from rural villages who would otherwise face limited prospects. As Maimouna Ka Sow, director of the Foyer, says: “In most cases a rural girl who is not fortunate enough to be at the Foyer returns to the village for lack of a tutor and a safe place to live in Tamba. She will often get married and become a housewife or domestic in town if she is lucky. If she is not lucky, she will live a life of poverty and dependence on the men in her family, first her father and then her husband.”

You can help young women in Tambacounda achieve the independence they seek. Any gift you make will go towards the Foyer, where for less than $75 per month, we can provide each girl with not just a room and meals while she attends school, but a home: a home where she and her peers can work together, study together, learn together, and succeed together.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

-$6.00 per month will provide a Foyer student with a year’s worth of career workshops.
-$25.00 will send an aspiring reporter to a three-day journalism training.
-$35.00 will pay for one cultural event, attended by all, each month.
-$46.00 will cover internet costs at the Foyer for one month.
-$60.00 will allow the Foyer to create an herbal and medicinal plant garden.
-$100 buys a month’s worth of medication and medical supplies for the Foyer.

If you have already made a gift, thank you. If you would still like to contribute, the timing could not be better—your gift will be matched by an anonymous donor until December 31. Thank you! Your support makes so much possible.