Expanded Sinthian Kindergarten to open this month
Nov 04, 2020

The Sinthian Kindergarten, which Le Korsa built in 2010, is set to reopen next week after the nationwide academic holiday. Thanks to an expansion, it will be even larger this year, capable of accommodating over 100 students.

Originally consisting of two classrooms and several teachers’ residences, the kindergarten will now feature a third classroom, built by Dr. Magueye Ba’s contracting team. His experience of building in the region allowed the construction to progress quickly, and to be ready to meet the demand of more students this year.

The kindergarten remains one of the linchpins of our rural educational programs. Because French is the language of Senegal’s public schools, which begin at the age of 7, it is imperative for students to learn the language at a young age in order to feel comfortable in the classroom. Sinthian’s kindergarten offers instruction in French, and in basic subjects such as math, geography, and art. The school also features running water and handwashing stations, ensuring that students develop good hygiene habits.