Renovations at the Women’s Center of Dakar to accommodate more patients
Oct 20, 2020

In 2016, Le Korsa and Dr. Juliette Faye opened Keur Djiguene Yi, the Women’s Health Center of Dakar, the first free, public, and government-sanctioned women’s health center in Senegal. Four years later, the center is seeing more patients than ever before and has expanded its staff and its space to meet demand. We could not be happier.

During KDY’s first year, Dr. Faye, who was working with one nurse at the time, offered complete reproductive and gynecological care, including pre- and post-natal exams, as well as education on contraception, family planning, HIV prevention, nutrition, and infant immunization, to just over 500 women. Word quickly spread about Dr. Faye’s warmth and excellence, as well as the center’s free care, and by 2018, 887 patients had visited the clinic. Many had brought their children for care, too.

“Because of the increase in patients, and the longer wait times, I asked for help and hired a second OBGYN as well as a pediatrician,” Dr. Faye said. Together, Dr. Faye and the center’s expanded staff — which now includes a second nurse — will see almost 1500 patients this year.

To handle the patient load, Dr. Faye and her team recently remodeled the center, which is accessibly located near a major bus station in the Derklé neighborhood of Dakar. “We transformed an office space into a second consultation room by adding a new examination table and screens for privacy,” Dr. Faye said. “We have also installed new cabinets for storing equipment and medicine, and we plan to add more chairs to the waiting room downstairs, so no one is obliged to wait outside,” she added.

All of these modifications will make the patients more comfortable, and the doctors better able to offer care. We hope that in the years to come, patient demand will be even higher, and we can make full use of the center’s three floors as well as its outdoor courtyard, which could be converted into a children’s playground or garden. To help support the center, please click here.