Fass School featured at Arch Daily
Oct 13, 2020

The Fass School, designed by Toshiko Mori, is given a close look in this feature at Arch Daily. Highlighting some of the technical and structural elements of the design, the article also features some of the architectural renderings, displaying the careful consideration that went into each and every decision about how this school could best serve its teachers and students.

Having opened last year, the school is now serving over 200 students, bringing elementary education to a region where students were receiving only Quranic instruction. It is a project we began working on in 2012.

Our primary goal was to bring a school to students who lacked one, but also to create a well-designed building that would support and enrich their experience. Toshiko Mori’s design does that through its form, an oval shape that “allows for easy circulation between classrooms, allowing the school’s few teachers to move quickly between classes.” Read more at Arch Daily.