How a brick design for Tambacounda Hospital found its way to a school in Sare Sidi
Aug 07, 2020

When Le Korsa and the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation began working with Tambacounda Hospital on improving the hospital’s maternity and pediatric units, we launched an architectural competition to solicit the best design.

Manuel Herz was the winner, and his reimagining of the spaces includes using perforated bricks that allow air to flow through the units, keeping them naturally cool.

While creating these bricks, our longstanding partner Dr. Magueye Ba — who is also the contractor for the Tambacounda hospital project, and whose team constructed Thread and the school in Fass — decided to use them as well on another school we were building with support from the Clara Lionel Foundation in Sare Sidi.

This school, which replaced a temporary structure of wood and thatch, is providing hundreds of children and their teachers with a safe and comfortable building that they previously lacked.

Le Korsa’s goal is always to use “minimal means for maximum effect” as Josef Albers stated, and Dezeen has more on this story of using resources, and good design, effectively and efficiently.