Scrubs donated by FIGS proving essential in Covid 19 care
Apr 27, 2020

Just before the Covid 19 outbreak began, we received a large donation of about 1000 scrubs for Tambacounda Hospital from FIGS, a medical-wear manufacturer.

The timing was fortuitous: those scrubs, because of their distinct grey color and durability, are the only ones being used by the hospital staff in the isolation ward, where there are 34 Covid 19 patients. Everyone at the hospital can identify, from the grey scrubs, their colleagues who are in that ward, and ensure that only authorized doctors and nurses go in and out of it.

No one planned for the scrubs to be used exactly this way, but it just goes to show how generosity makes for a better reality, and often in unforeseen ways.  We, and the entire staff at Tambacounda Hospital, send a huge thank you to FIGS.