Thread win’s FIBRA award for plant-based architecture
Nov 05, 2019

Thread, the artists’ residency and cultural center in Sinthian designed by Toshiko Mori and built by Le Korsa and the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, has just won a FIBRA award in the category of Cladding and Covering. The award is the first of its kind for contemporary plant-based architecture.

Thread’s bamboo and thatch roof, which was the feature singled out by FIBRA’s jury, was built by locals with local materials. It undulates from high points to low, and funnels rainwater into holding basins where it can be stored for agriculture use. It also creates both intimate and public spaces while tracing a lyrical line, and is one of the defining features of the building.

The thatching technique used in the roof is that of the Bassari, an ethnic group in Senegal. During construction, an expert Bassari thatcher came to Thread to teach contractors and to oversee the thatching process. This marriage of traditional methods and materials with innovative design is what makes Thread an unforgettable building.

Congratulations to Toshiko Mori, Jordan MacTavish, and to all of our staff who make Thread the incredible place it is.