People of Tamba featured in the Guardian
Nov 01, 2019

People of Tamba, the photographic portrait series undertaken by Giovanni Hänninen while he was in residence at Thread, depicts many citizens of Tambacounda in their work places, highlighting their contributions to society.

Because Tambacounda is a major departure point for many African migrants, Giovanni conceived of the project as a counter to the reporting he heard coming out of Europe, which emphasized only the numbers of migrants arriving on European shores, or being lost at sea, and not the human element of the crisis: who some of these migrants were, what they and their families did back home, and the complexity of what made some of them leave their countries.

“I decided to present the photographs in large format to show the people of this project on a human scale and thereby create a rapport with the viewer,” says Hänninen.

“They are like us; with their past, their present and their aspirations for the future. They represent everyone’s history.”

The series is gaining wide exposure in Europe, having been recently featured in the BBC and the Guardian. It will be on exhibit, along with Giovanni and Alberto Amoretti’s short documentary film series on clandestine migration from Africa to Europe, Senegal/Sicily, at the Also Known as Africa Art Fair, held in Paris from November 9-11.