Radio Tabadian is live!
May 09, 2019

After nearly two years of planning and construction, Tambacounda’s newest community radio station is broadcasting live from Gouloumbou.

This station, entirely run by the communities and villages of rural Tambacounda, is a voice for the people who need to be heard most. They live in a rural and impoverished region far from Dakar and its halls of power, and don’t often receive the same resources that are deployed in the capital city.

But through Radio Tabadian, inhabitants will be able to share information that is crucial to them, advocate for themselves, and strengthen their communities. And they can do so in their own local languages, ranging from Bambara and Mandinka to Pulaar, Serer, and Wolof.

Le Korsa couldn’t have gotten this project off the ground were it not for our incredible partners in Tambacounda and at the Foundation for West Africa. We owe all of them tremendous gratitude, and are looking forward to helping the station to thrive.