Sinthian’s artisans come together
Apr 05, 2017

In the village of Sinthian are potters, woodworkers, metal workers, furniture makers, seamstresses and more. All of them make goods for personal use and sale, but few come together in a central place to exchange ideas and exhibit their wares to one another. That changed last week, when two artists-in-residence at Thread, Folasade Adeoso and Sasha Payton, helped to organize a crafts fair for the village.  

“The goal was to support cottage industry by promoting local crafts and connecting the various creators,” said Brian Harris, Le Korsa’s Director of Programming and Special Projects. Held onsite at Thread, the fair drew a sizable crowd, many of whom walked away with newly purchased axes, shawls, chairs, and flower pots.

More important than the sales, though, was the new sense of community felt by Sinthian’s artisans. As Brian said, “The message to the craftsmen and craftswomen was clear — this work has value, variation of products is beneficial, and you can work together with one another to get goods to market. To the youth, numbered around 50, the message was direct — to pay attention to the skills that exist here locally and to take part.”