More great grant news! We’ve found support for shipping more supplies to Fann Hospital
Sep 06, 2016

In August, we hosted two assessors from Project C.U.R.E., the Denver-based nonprofit which donates used medical equipment to hospitals in need, so they could examine Fann Hospital, Tambacounda Hospital, Keur Djiguene Yi (The Women’s Center of Dakar), and the Sinthian and Fass medical clinics. They found plenty of supplies and equipment to be lacking in each location, and are in the process of working to see what’s available at their warehouses to be shipped to Senegal.

While those supplies will be entirely donated by Project C.U.R.E., the crating and shipping must be paid for by Le Korsa, or we must find funding for it elsewhere. We are thrilled to announce that SHARP, the Cork University Hospital’s employee charity, has offered Le Korsa a 14,700 euro grant to cover the costs of shipping a container to Fann Hospital in Dakar. We are profoundly grateful to all the doctors, nurses, and administrators in Ireland who have made this donation, which will greatly improve the working conditions of their counterparts in Senegal, and by extension, thousands of patients’ lives.