Great grant news! Better agriculture is coming to Fass.
Sep 01, 2016

Mariamma Kante, who is pictured below, was one of the many women who showed us two weeks ago just how successful the gardening program initiated by Le Korsa has been for the village of Sinthian. With the women regularly harvesting okra, peppers, and sweet and bitter eggplant, this is the first year in which everyone in Sinthian will have an ample food supply, even throughout the dry season. We are thrilled to announce that a similar program is coming to the women of Fass, who live just nine kilometers from Mariamma on the other side of the Gambia River, but who lack the same resources.

World Connect, an exemplary non-profit, is giving the women of Fass a $10,500 grant to start a market gardening program in their village. The money will pay for a pump, a well, tools, fencing, and education so that the women can, at the start, grow food for the table. The vegetables they grow will be vital in an area where most people simply do not have enough to eat, and malnutrition and diabetes are rampant. ​Now the women ​will be growing enough so that there is nutritious food for everyone and a surplus that can go to market and be sold for their benefit. As in Sinthian and Dialico, Le Korsa will be working with the women in Fass to teach them proper agricultural and gardening techniques, and to help them organize into an officially registered collective to manage their income, labor, and governance.

We send our profound thanks to World Connect, and to you, who make our work possible. We hope you will join World Connect in supporting one of our programs.