Beekeeping coming to Sinthian
Jun 28, 2016

Building on the success of the many agricultural activities in Sinthian, this fall a group of men will begin beekeeping and honey production on a dedicated site just north of Thread. The project was initially envisioned by Yaya Diallo, Le Korsa’s former agricultural coordinator, who worked with villagers to clear a hectare of land for the hives, and installed raised platforms on which they will sit.

Le Korsa has offered a loan to the villagers to purchase the materials necessary to make honey, and four Le Korsa staff members — Abib Dieye, Moussa Sene, Brian Harris, Augustin Diouf — will travel to the Gambia in November to learn apiculture. When they return, they will teach the locals to manage the hives and produce honey, which will be used for personal consumption as well as sold at market. The long term goal is to create an income-generating activity for the village, and to create an environmental sanctuary where the bees can thrive on flowers and trees. The villagers have already declared that the site will be protected from firewood harvesting. We will keep you posted as the project develops this fall.