Sinthian’s women receive $30,000 grant
Jun 08, 2016

The Sinthian women’s collective, which has been using Thread as a base for agricultural training, has been awarded a grant of $30,000 from the Senegalese government to develop a rice plantation.

“The objective of the program at the national level is to reach food self-sufficiency through strategic products such as rice, maize, beans and fonio,” said Moussa Sene, the general manager of Thread, who works closely with the women. The grant will allow the women to work on an agricultural scale heretofore unknown to them, and to ensure greater food security — and income-earning potential — for them and their families.

Although the women only applied for this grant recently, its origins go back to April 2014, when they decided to form a Groupement d’Intérêt Economique (GIE), or a collective, to operate and manage a community garden on the site of Thread. Their goal was to grow crops to supplement their food supply and to sell at market. Le Korsa provided the women with a small loan for supplies and seeds to get them started, and offered them agricultural training so they could learn proper watering, plant-spacing, fertilization and pest control techniques.

The opportunity to expand into rice-growing comes at a perfect time​.

If all goes well, Le Korsa hopes that the program can be replicated in the villages of Dialico, Fass,​ and Bouchra. ​Meanwhile, huge congratulations to the women of Sinthian​ and to Moussa!