Update from the field
May 19, 2016

Brian Harris, Le Korsa’s Dakar Office Director, recently sent us a great report after visiting some of our projects in Tambacounda, where people are preparing for the rainy season. Here are some of the highlights:

Sinthian: Thread’s Extension Garden

“The garden is progressing phenomenally. Currently, the women’s group is growing two types of okra, along with eggplant, bitter tomatoes (Jaxatu) and carrots. They have also done a good deal of tree planting in the space: there is a mango-lined perimeter, and Moringa trees dotted throughout the garden beds. Because the garden is also a training ground, some of the women are working to improve their carrot plots, and are continuing to learn from Abib (Le Korsa’s Agricultural Coordinator).”


“Augustine has continued a ‘deep mulch’ project that we began in March, in which we have used dry grass to cover the ground, retain moisture, loosen soil and build new topsoil. We have now mulched the entire Southwest corner of the Thread property. Abib put in a request with the local potter to make ten flower pots for Thread. They have arrived and each is unique and equally beautiful.”


“We met with Lassana at the Koar primary school on Thursday and have finalized our arrangements to dig out the well. Lassana will be the project manager. As I explained to him, we are interested in building local project ownership and would really like him to have more of a role in supervising the work. He was quite pleased by this. Also, it came to light that AFLK had actually built the school’s current fence, mentioning that it was Moustapha Diouf who was involved in this. Lassana has hand-painted a small AFLK logo on the school sign.”


“The Dialico garden is doing well, as water issues have been resolved and the new basin has been built in the extension space. The women’s group there is growing okra, bitter tomato and bissap.”