A glimpse of Senegalese neurosurgery, in London and Cork
May 03, 2016

On April 25 and April 26, AFLK invited Dr. Seydou Badiane to lecture at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, and at Cork University Hospital in Cork, Ireland. The lectures provided Dr. Badiane with an opportunity to share his work, and the state of pediatric neurosurgery in Senegal, with colleagues and medical students in Europe. He highlighted many of the disparities in resources and care that exist between hospitals in Europe and those in Africa, and provided an overview of the many conditions and diseases that he and his colleagues face.

Over one hundred people attended each lecture, with latecomers finding only standing room. Our hope was that Dr. Badiane’s talks would inspire more doctors and medical students to support him and his staff at Fann Hospital in Dakar, be it through supplies, trainings, or knowledge exchange. Doctors and nurses at Fann routinely work in conditions that most in Europe would find substandard. They often lack basic supplies such as surgical gloves and hand sanitizer, and yet they persevere and save many lives.

We offer a huge thank you to our partners at St. Mary’s and at Cork University Hospital, who helped to make Dr. Badiane’s lectures possible. And, of course, we thank Dr. Badiane for all of his work, and for his excellent lectures.