Thread weaves itself an A+ from Architizer
Apr 21, 2016

Thread, the cultural center and artists’ residency in Sinthian, recently won two jury awards from Architizer, the world’s largest online database for architecture.

Because Thread is a building that is truly for building community, we are pleased that it won A+ awards in the “Architecture and Community” and “Architecture and Humanitarianism” categories.

Since its inauguration in March 2014, the center has played host to countless village meetings, art and agriculture workshops, and artists from all over the world. It is everything from an educational space to a fruit tree nursery.

Congratulations are due to Toshiko Mori and Jordan MacTavish of the firm Toshiko Mori Architect, who designed the building, but most of all to the many people who make Thread, on a daily basis, the vibrant place that it is.