Saint Anne’s, now better equipped
Mar 15, 2016

“You can’t imagine the enormous good you have done for the Saint Anne’s medical center.” These are the words of Sister Annie Clarisse Youm, the manager of the medical center at Saint Anne’s School in Thiès, who wrote to thank AFLK for the recent grant, designated for the purchase of medical supplies, which we offered Saint Anne’s early this year.

Although Saint Anne’s medical center, which provides much free and low-cost prenatal and infant care, is better equipped than some of the places AFLK helps to support, it still lacks many basic supplies. “As soon as I could, after learning we had received the grant, I made arrangements to purchase a sterilizer, four new IV stands and an auriscope,” Sister Youm wrote. “We can now have sterile bandaging material, and can conduct our work without having to tie IV units to the windows or the refrigerator with thread. With the auriscope, we can better detect ear infections in our patients, and also look for any abnormalities in the throat,” she added.

This is great news for the children at Saint Anne’s, and we are glad the material is already being put to good use.