Fann Hospital gets some new wheels
Mar 07, 2016

Over the last few months, we have been working with German medical supply company Servona to deliver new wheelchairs to Fann Hospital in Dakar. Servona generously donated the wheelchairs, along with other supplies, and agreed to cover the cost of the shipment; we at AFLK worked with our contacts in Senegal to ensure it all arrived securely and safely.

The shipment has arrived, and Dr. Badiane and his staff at Fann are thrilled with the wheelchairs. In Senegal last week, some members of our team stopped by to see the supplies and to speak with Dr. Badiane.

“You can’t believe how our nurses’ eyes lit up when they saw [the wheelchairs],” Dr. Badiane said. “They are going to make the work here so much easier, and are going to be so much more comfortable for patients as they move around the hospital,” he added.