Thread earns a range of accolades
Feb 20, 2016

In its first year, Thread, the artists’ residence and cultural center in Sinthian, has played host to numerous village meetings, artists’ workshops, movie screenings, agricultural trainings, and has charged many a cell phone (most homes in the village have no electricity). The interactions between visiting artists and locals that take place within the center’s open walls, Josef Albers-inspired brickwork, and two oculi are quickly becoming part of daily life in the village.

We’re pleased to announce that Thread’s architectural design has been singled out for praise by several publications. Architectural Record included Thread in its “Class Favorites: Best Projects of 2015;” Wired Magazine featured it in “The Amazing Architecture that Captivated Us in 2015;” and Azure Magazine honored it as one “The 10 Best Cultural Buildings of 2015,” in good company with the new Whitney Museum in New York and the Broad Museum in Los Angeles.

Congratulations are due to Jordan MacTavish and Toshiko Mori, of Toshiko Mori Architect, who designed the building pro bono; Nicholas Murphy and Moussa Sene, Thread’s Director and General Manager, respectively; and to all of the artists and inhabitants of Sinthian who make the building so much more than a building.