Radio Tambacounda
Feb 11, 2016

In partnership with the Foundation for West Africa, and L’Union des Radios Associatives et Communautaires du Senegal (URAC), we are working on an exciting project that will bring a community radio station to the Tambacounda region, where currently there is only access to government-run and commercial radio stations. As of this week, we have secured a license to set up a station in Gouloumbou, a village on the main highway between Tambacounda and Kedougou. It is located just at the turn-off to Sinthian, where we have many projects.

Such a station will ensure that the local populations can voice the needs of their communities, access fair and sound journalism, and receive news pertinent to their daily lives in a range of local languages.

In the video above, Awa Diouf, a member of URAC who conducted the feasibility study for the station, speaks about the positive impact community radio will have in the area. We will keep you updated as we work to make the station operational.