A French lesson
Feb 03, 2016

While we were in Sinthian last month, we had the opportunity to hear some French recitations from students at the village’s primary school, who had been focusing on perfecting their vowel sounds.

Just a few years ago, these students were among the first to attend the village’s Kindergarten, which AFLK constructed in 2010 and still maintains, to ensure that children in Sinthian, where most people speak Pulaar, could learn French and other basic subjects at a young age. When students develop those skills early, they are more likely to advance in the Senegalese education system, in which the language of instruction is French.

It’s clear that the first classes of Kindergarteners were well-prepared for the challenges of primary school. Of course, they also have an excellent teacher in Aliou Niakhassou, who directs the primary school, and continues to be one of our close partners in Sinthian.