Sinthian’s peanut harvest is in
Jan 27, 2016

The women of Sinthian, who have been working with AFLK staff members Yaya Diallo and Moussa Sene to learn new agricultural techniques, and to grow vegetables and other crops both at Thread and in the surrounding fields, have recently harvested their crop of peanuts. They estimate to have brought in over 1 ton of the ground nuts, which are a crucial cash crop in Senegal, and will be a significant source of income — a kilogram can be sold for between 200-300 FCFA in the markets, depending on the season.

The women have also gathered the “peanut hay,” or the straw and tops from the peanut plants, which they are storing until the market is right for selling. This is all good news for the women of Sinthian, and an important way for them to continue to improve their economic situation.