A new life for Wassadou Medical Center
Jan 21, 2016

If you head south from Tambacounda towards Kedougou, you pass a medical center called Wassadou. The center has 15 beds, serves a region of around 20,000 people, and is staffed by one full-time doctor and one midwife, as well as other administrators and nurses.

Wassadou was originally a project of French NGO Le Kinkeliba, which founded it in 2006, and for many years it operated at high capacity, providing crucial health services in an isolated region. But its services declined after Le Kinkeliba stopped being able to fully support it. In 2014, the center was handed over to Première Urgence, a French NGO that is now running it.

We are pleased to announce that AFLK has decided to partner with Première Urgence to help restore full services at Wassadou. Its staff is dedicated and is doing great work, but many of them have had to take pay cuts, and much of their equipment is in disrepair. We will be offering a grant to help restore the staff’s salaries to the appropriate level, and will be working closely with Première Urgence to develop a long-term plan.