In Goumbayel, supplies to start the academic year
Dec 03, 2015

In the rural villages of the Tambacounda region, the rainy season is over, which means the academic year is just underway. But in Goumbayel, Bamba Sagna, the local school director, was hard-pressed to hold classes because his students lacked the basic supplies — pens and pencils, notebooks, erasers, t-squares and protractors — that they would need to take notes and practice arithmetic. So Mr. Sagna called AFLK to see if we could help, and thankfully we could.

AFLK has just awarded a small grant to the school to help Mr. Sagna acquire the necessary materials. Moussa Sene, the General Manager of Thread, who is based in Sinthian, was able to purchase the supplies and deliver them to Goumbayel on December 2, where he was greeted by Mr. Sagna and local representatives, including the Imam.

Thanks to this quick intervention, classes have begun.