An update from Dr. Badiane
Dec 01, 2015

Dr. Seydou Badiane, chief of neurosurgery and teaching physician at Dakar’s Fann Hospital, has just sent a note saying that the grant we recently awarded to Fann has made a huge difference: already half the brain shunts that the staff purchased have been put to use, and the pharmacy has restocked with essential medicine. “We no longer have trouble supporting our emergency room patients, because supplies are now available around the clock, and are always at hand for the doctor-on-call,” Dr. Badiane said.

Dr. Badiane also informed us that the hospital is in need of bone wax, a crucial medical material that helps to control bleeding from bone surfaces during surgery. We are working on it, but if you or anyone you know might help us get more bone wax to Fann Hospital and Dr. Badiane, please let us know!